Subaru Hood Vents




When you are pushing more horse power through your engine or just like to use it in the Desert of the Back Country you mat find it gets a litlle warms when you are moving slowly for an extended period.

To address this we have developed SubiVents which will fit into the factory single skin panels on your hood and allow teh heat to escape and thus reduce your engine temp.

Supplied as a complete kit :

  • 1 x LH Hood Vent
  • 1 x RH Hood Vent
  • 1 x LH Lower support Ring
  • 1 x RH Lower Support Ring
  • 1 x Fitting Kit.

Kits are made from alumium and supplied with stainless fitting kit. They are raw material and if you wish to paint or finish off then that is up to you.



Additional information

Weight 2.0000 lbs



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