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Thank you for purchasing a re-manufactured, SubaruGears Reverse Ring and Pinion Transmission. To ensure proper installation it is the sole responsibility of the consumer to educate his or herself. This is in order to guarantee seamless operation of your transmission.
Instillation of modified transmissions is not implied to suit any specific vehicle application. Therefore, SubiWorks is not liable for warranty claims due to the following. The absence of proper rubber mounting to chassis. Inadequate shifter linkage assembly. Improper clutch engaging components, and/or improper length CV axles that do obstruct operation.


For fitment requirements and install instructions of your reversed re-manufactured transmission please click on the subarugears link below. Subrugears has a full list of requirements and instructions for specific vehicle types. 

Subaru Gears Install instructions


Axle length verification procedure:
Step #1: Put chalk inside the CV conversion flange when first assembled.
Step #2: Place vehicle on hoist, fit the CV’s and axles on to chassis.
Step #3: Place vehicle suspension at full droop (trailing arm at its lowest point) – and turn the CV and axle assembly.
Step #4: Place vehicle suspension with the axle’s level and turn the axle and CV assembly.
Step #5: place vehicle suspension at full bump (trailing arm at highest point) – turn the CV and axle assembly.
Step #6: Take the inner CV out and see if any of the chalk has been taken off by the rotating assembly.
Removal of chalk from the inner CV conversion flange during rotation of axle assembly is signs of contact and can cause premature failure of the transmission and/or transmission components. Adjustments must be made accordingly.
Signs of wear/damage to conversion flange will void the warranty!!!
For additional information please refer to http:www.subarugears.com/Parts/parts.html
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