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    The TORQ Locker is the highest quality automatic locking differential on the planet. We are the most advanced, and strongest, moreover proven in the most extreme vehicles. Such as hard-core Rock Crawlers, racing in King of the Hammers, and Rock Bouncing. To Sand Dunes and Mud Drags.

    Above all to back this up, Torq-Masters Industries offers a 4 year warranty.  With no tire size, horsepower limits or loopholes. Proving we’re committed to providing the highest quality locking differentials possible. As always, to be the best, we build with the best. We make our lockers with 100 percent  USA raw materials and always right here in the USA.

    We keep it simple. There’s no air-lines to leak or electrical gremlins. No compressors to fail, or cables to adjust. In other words, this TORQ Locker will give you piece of mind as a reliable, 100% mechanical automatic locker that can handle any terrain. In conclusion, the innovative design features of the TORQ Locker give you three game-changing benefits.

    1. Strongest drop-in automatic locker design on the market. The machined key-way means the design of the cam gears can’t ever shear.
    2. Making this the easiest locker on the market to install. It has no spacers. No dowel pins. No cables, and no air or electrical lines.
    3. Above all the Best On-Road manners of any automatic locker. The TORQ Locker has eliminated the occasional loud pop associated with this style of locker. All by eliminating the ‘spacer’ found in all other drop-in lockers, .


    Please click the link to see a fitment chart.

    one bolt


    Five Bolt


    Additional information

    Weight 3 lbs
    Bolt Option

    Five Bolt Open Differentials, One Bolt Open Differentials


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