Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag




Tread lightly – haul away all the trash you accumulate in a weekend and make the trails cleaner as you go.
High quality – high quality 900 denier canvas with wide buckles and a heavy-duty attachment for your external spare tire.
Large capacity – Pack it in, pack it out. Carries up to 50 lbs of weight and fits a standard 30 gallon trash bag.
Weather resistant – The Spare Tire Trasharoo has water-resistant interior coating and drainage holes at the bottom for unexpected leaks.                                        Secure – The “X” strap design keeps your Trasharoo tightly attached while slide over nylon covers protect buckles from UV rays and dirt.

Standard 1 year warranty on buckles and general failures. Sun fade does not fall under warranty.



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Black, DigiCamo, Tan




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