Tunnel Access Kit




    If you have ever broken a clutch cable on the side of the road you will know what a pain it can be to replace.

    An easy solution to this access issue is to have a Tunnel Access hole added to your Buggy pan when it is being built.

    Now unlike a lot of people over the years the Turn Key Manx Access hole is installed to allow safe access without weakening the floor pan. We cut a hold just large enough to get your hand it and then re-enforce it with a custom steel ring which is then welded into the pan and sanded smooth so no sharp edges are left. To top it off we then add a rolled alloy cover which bolts over the hole and keeps it looking sweet. Engraving on cover may vary.

    This is also the same kit we use when installing an in tunnel hydraulic clutch kit. click on this link for install instructions https://subiworks.com/install-instructions/access-kit-install/

    Additional information

    Weight 2 lbs

    Floor Pans


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