Rear drive conversion kit

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When you have a Subaru Transmission and you are looking for all the bits needed to do the conversion then this is the kit you want.

It consists of the following:

  • Ring and Pinion in your selected ratio
  • Subaspool AWD to 2WD lock
  • Subaflanges – Convert Subaru stub axles to VW or Porsche CV joints.
  • Subaglass – Instantly check the oil level in your transmission.
  • Subaplug – Helps to convert your centre differential housing into a 2WD nosecone
  • Tooling and marking paste

Optional SubaNose

Fit our cast nosecone instead of cutting your center differential housing down, TIG welding up and fitting the Subaplug. Fits all TY752/TY754/TY755/TY757/TY758 transmissions and is supplied with a new shift shaft oil seal. If fitting to a TY752 transmission, you will need all the internal mechanism and shift rod from a TY754 or later transmission.

Optimised shortened shift shaft housing (very handy for Vanagon installs) and optimised shape for maximum clearance. Fit your shift shaft, reverse lockout mechanism and oil catcher from your donor transmission.


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Weight 11 lbs
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