Axles – 4340 chromoly 930 cv (custom length)





    4340 chromoly 930 cv (custom length)

    Measuring IRS axle length

    1.) First adjust your rear wheel alignment toe in. If your tires are toed out your trailing arms will be closer to your transmission resulting in a shorter axle.

    2.) Find the shortest point by lifting the trailing arm so that if you did have an axle it would be parallel to the floor at zero degrees.

    3.) Measure from the center of the drive flange on your transmission to the center of the stub axle on your trailing arm. DO NOT measure where your CV joint mounting surface is. make sure to measure the bottom of each cup because this is where your axle will plunge into. If you purchase too long of an axle, when your trailing arm moves upward to zero degrees it will shove the axle into the transmission which will mushroom the ends of your axles and eventually crush the ring gear inside your transmission.

    4.) After you have measured your distance,  subtract 1/4 inch total length. Example if you measure from the center of the drive flange to the center of the stub axle and you get 20 1/2 inches you would buy a 20 1/4 axle.

    5.) Measure both sides of the car.


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