Fully Built remanufactured 5MT Mid engine transaxle

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    Use of the 5MT as a mid engine transaxle kit locks the 5MT into 2WD and replaces the AWD center differential housing with a short Subanose or block off plate making the transmission and shift assembly more compact.

    Suitable for 5MT TY754 onwards

    select your gear ratio along with the other options you can create your ideal transmission. If you need a 4.86 you will need to add the subarugears non reversed ring and pinion to the options

    Our Remanufactured Transmissions are built with low mile cores by qualified Subaru Technicians in our Murrieta based workshop.

    Each transmission is, inspected and gets any replacements it needs to get it back to specification. This includes brand new seals and gaskets.

    Each Transmission comes with :

    • Clutch Fork
    • Neutral Switch
    • Reverse Switch
    • Release fork and boot
    • VSS ( if ordered)
    • Subaflanges of your choice
    • Cast SubaNose cone for easy fitment
    • SubaGlass to allow easy checking of oil level
    • SubaBreather to let the transmission breath in its new environment
    • Subaru Gears Shift Knob
    • Reuseable transmission shipping box

    Everything is packed and shipped in the lower 48 free of charge

    Additional information

    Weight 145 lbs
    Dimensions 32 × 24 × 24 in
    Country of manufacture

    United States

    Sub Section




    final drive ratio

    3.9 core + 500$ I 4.11 core + 750$ I 4.44 core + 1000$ I 4.86 core + 500$

    Output Flanges - SubaFlanges

    Kombi 100mm Standard Length SubaFlange, Porsche 930 108mm Standard Length SubaFlange

    VSS Required for Subaru ECU Only

    No, Subaru VSS Kit


    No, SubaruGears LSD + 850$

    4.86 ring & pinion

    No I 4.86 non reversed ring and pinion + 1300.00$


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