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    If you are running an IRS rear end in your buggy then you may already be aware but pivot bolts coming out is a common issue if they are not correctly tensioned and punched in place. When using your buggy offroad it is not worth the chance of forgetting to check or worse still having one come out. There are many options on the market whit locking wire, weld on tabs with bolt bits etc but we have found over the years that there is no substitute for the pin and pipe method. With the pin and pipe you get a solid solution to an age old problem and once fitted you will never have to worry about your pivot bolts again. The kit comes complete with the following:

    1. 2 x high strength locking pins and retainers
    2. 2 x 1020 Dom Tube cut to length and drilled to suit.

    Fitting the locks is simple although you will need a welder and grinder / wire brush.

    1. With the pivot bolt installed and correctly tensioned clean the area on the side of the pivot box where the tube will be welded
    2. Get the pivot lock assembly with the retainer pin fitted, flat side in. Hold it against the outside of the pivot bolt so the flat side of the retainer pin is against the head of the pivot bolt. The hole in the tube goes to the outside so the longest part of the tube goes inwards.
    3. Tack it in place and check you can get the pin in and out. It should fit snuggle and it will be tight on the spring clip.
    4. If happy add a few heavy tacks. There is not much force on this lock assembly so do not over weld incase you ever have issues.

    The retainer lock has been designed to allow the removal of the pivot bolt by simply removing the pin. With the pin in place simply fold the retaining clip over the tube to hold it in place

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