The Team at SubiWorks is proud to offer a Drive In / Drive Out Subaru
    Conversion option for all your Air-Cooled VW Vehicles for a set price. Each conversion includes:
    1)  Proprietary SubiWorks Custom Cooling Solution – Quality Aluminum Radiator, Spal Fans and custom shrouds fitted outside of sight lines, so you                       don’t know it’s there.

    2)  Fully rebuilt EJ 25 SOHC Engine

    3) Custom Loom and Electrics to support using top of the line components.

    4)  New Fuel Tank modified for fuel injection.

    5) Optional Stock as supplied Transmission or Custom SubaruGears transmission

    When it comes to doing Air Cooled to Subaru Powered conversions
    there are many corners that can be cut and mechanical issues that can be hidden. With that in mind the decision was made to focus our efforts
    on developing installations that use quality parts and a professional design. We keep everything in house to ensure we can control the quality of workmanship and accurate timelines.

    With regards to timelines, we know this can be an issue for some businesses to meet and to be honest we had our fair share of issues in the beginning. To address this, we have come up with a simple system to manage expectations.

    Contact Subiworks to book your conversion and pay a 50% deposit; we then order everything we need to build your conversion.

    As soon as we have everything in stock (usually about 4 weeks) we call you to bring in your vehicle, do the conversion and have it back to you in 8 weeks, (from drop off to drive out).

    There are several variables that all revolve around CARB Approval.

    Is it needed or not?

    If CARB Approval is needed, then you will be limited to an EJ22 and a VW Transmission using the Kennedy Kit which may increase costs due to the 2.2L getting harder to source.

    If CARB is not needed, then you get the much better EJ 25 SOHC and have the option of the SubaruGears Transmissions.

    Conversions are all naturally aspirated, if you want a Turbo Engine then please
    contact Subiworks as there are more options and costs associated with a Turbo setup and will add additional costs from $5k and up.

    Types and Pricing Options

    Drive in / Drive Out EJ 25 SOHC Conversion options are available for the following types:

    Type 181 – Thing

    Option 1 – Donor VW IRS Stock Transmission as supplied by customer – $25k

    Option 2 – Upgrade 5 Speed SubaruGears Transmission supplied by Subiworks – $30k

    If you are interested in scheduling an Air-Cooled conversion for your VW, please send us an email with your Individual information and the type of conversion you are interested in. Pictures of your vehicle will be helpful also. We will be happy to answer all your questions or concerns to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Please note your vehicle must be in running condition to maintain these prices.


    Click on the link below to send us an E-mail or Call us at (951)691-5695.



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