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    Limited Slip Differential replaces the open differential in all 5MT and 6MT split case Subaru Transmissions. Great addition for vehicles that may have high horsepower, a need for added traction (on and off road), or heavier vehicles (such as VW Vanagon)

    Our torque sensing limited slip differential center provides traction to both wheels on slippery surfaces such as gravel, ice, snow, mud and dirty roads. Using internal helical gears, the differential senses a difference in rotational speed between one side and the other, providing drive to both axles in the event of wheelspin.

    Highly recommended for high power or heavy installations such as turbo engines, H6 engines, Vanagon/Syncro conversions. This differential center is far sturdier than the stock Subaru open differential center.

    Work with both reversed transaxles and regular rotation transaxles. Works on all Subaru 5MT & 6MT transaxles (TY75 series) and using the supplied adaptor rings works with Subaru 6 STi transaxles (TY85 series).

    Does not require special gear oil or adjustment throughout it’s life – simply use the regular 75w/90 gear oil in your transaxle.



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    Weight 13.0000 lbs
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