Subiworks Monster Outer CV Joint Set




    Subiworks Monster outer CV Joint set includes 2 outer cv joints.

    Introducing the SubiWorks Monster CV. Inspired from Porsche 930 axle components. Gone are the days of torn boots after every outing, taking chances on so called “lifetime warranty” aftermarket axles, and lift kits limited to only 2″.

    The monster Porsche 930 cv joints, outer front set is designed to for a 27 spline Subaru front spindle. It is compatable with the 1998-2004 Subaru Forester. We are currently still testing other Subaru models. The 2006 Legacy outback Turbo has been confirmed for fitment with added spacers.

    This outer cv joint set was developed by Subiworks in Murrieta, Ca by the owner himself. Chris is an avid off-roader and lover of the Subaru Forester. Unfortunately, lifted Subarus are prone to front inner cv failure. which creates a situation where the entire axle would have to be replaced making it not very cost effective. These CV’s can be replaced without replacing the whole axle. The balls, cage and star can all be replaced together or separate for under $100.00 making the monster cv joints a better long-term fix. This means NO MORE NEW AXLES! Only maintenance and reliability.

    This design started by working within the constraints of the original 2004 STi USDM CV joint to make a housing that will fit both the Subaru spindle and house Porsche 930 internals. Our partnership with Subarugears and the use of their Porsche 930 conversion flanges inboard, helped fulfill our mission of outfitting our Subaru Foresters with Porsche 930 CV axles. This is a common modification for off road Volkswagen’s and buggies but was yet to be done in a Subaru till now! This new housing trumps its OEM predecessor in size. Boasting 22.2mm ball bearings internals, as opposed to 17.5mm, while retaining an OEM style one piece first time fit outer CV flange installation.

    The biggest limiting factor of independent front suspension (IFS) vehicles that are 4WD/AWD is the amount of angle that the front CV axles are capable of operating at. A stock forester is 28*. Subiworks Monster cv joints have a 42* working angle and can achieve unlimited length axles. Which makes these max 930 monsters the perfect solution to Subaru axle failure.

    This edition DOES NOT feature an ABS tone ring and is an OFF-ROAD USE ONLY product.

    There is obviously much more to an axle than just the outer CV joint so we have put together a monster axle cv joint and boot kit. To complete the kit you will need to specify axle length according to the measurements of your custom vehicle.

    The set up can be intimidating to those with no prior experience setting up these axles but, we’re here to help every step of the way.

    If you are unsure of how to install these plese cunsult a profesional in your area.


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