VW Hydraulic Clutch Setup – In Tunnel – Subaru Transmission




    When you change your VW over to a Hydraulic Clutch you need a solution to get the master cylinder onto the pedal assembly. With that in mind the Team at SubiStuff¬† designed an in tunnel solution that when used in conjunction with fitment of one of our Tunnel Access panels makes for easy fitment and upkeep. Using a 3 in 1 reservoir on the Brake Master Cylinder you don’t have to worry about another container and you get the added benefit of loosing your clutch before you brakes to warn you of an issue. The TKM Kits are aimed at people fitting Subaru Transmissions and come complete with all parts needed to suit that transmission. If you do not want the Subaru Parts please let us know and we will offer a different item for you. No modification to your pedal assembly is required. The Kit comes complete with the following:

    • BarnFab In Tunnel Clutch Master Cylinder Mount
    • Exedy Master Cylinder
    • Braided Stainless Clutch line with fittings to suit Exedy Master Cylinder and Subaru Slave Cylinder
    • Banjo Bolt and two washers to suit Subaru Transmission Slave Cylinder
    • Bolts and Mounting Hardware.
    • Modification barb for Brake Fluid Reservoir to feed clutch master cylinder

    Please be aware you will need to cut an access hole in your tunnel in order to fit the kit. click this link for install instructions. <Tunnel Access Kit install link>

    Additional information

    Weight 3 lbs


    Sub Section



    Floor Pans


    Clutch & Flywheel


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