This cooling kit combo includes a subiworks 4EAT phase 2 transmission pan and a heavy duty r160 rear differential cover.

    Subiworks designed the 4 speed automatic transmission cooling pan for 4 EAT phase 2 transmissions. We designed this product to increase cooling efficiency and give added protection to your transmission.

    Proper utilization of our aluminium pan will also serve as an alternative to the conventional transmission skid plates. Installation of this pan will lower transmission fluid temperatures. Give you the confidence to run your vehicle under heavy loads for an extended period of time. ¼” aluminum fins running the length of the pan with a progression from ¼” to a 5/8” depth significantly lower the fluid temperatures. Rigorous testing has shown a temperature drop of up to 40* at highway speeds. This meaning the transmission will cool the motor through the radiator heat transfer. Our 4 EAT phase 2 transmission pan is not recommended for lowered cars.

    Our Heavy Duty  Subaru R160 Rear Differential Cover is a direct bolt on replacement. This part is designed with 20% more oil capacity then a stock cover. Our Heavy Duty Rear Differential Cover is made of cast aluminum with incorporated cooling fins.  The cooling fins help reduce oil temperature. Also this R160 rear differential cover provides more lubrication with the additional oil capicity. If you take off road adventures or participate in track events where heat build up is a problem, this item would be a great addition to help keep your rear differential cool. This rear differential cover also pairs great with the torq-masters Torq Locker

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    Weight 16 lbs


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